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    The telecom and technology has been the leader in the real of economic growth of the United States for the last several decades. The internet and the mobile sector has played an important role in shifting the U.S. tech market from a startup to a major part of the U.S. economy. As a result, U.S. governments have been developing and implementing new policies, legislation and regulations to help regulate the growth and expectations for the industry.

    At LFA Holdings Inc., we understand the importance of lobbying in this sector to control the outcomes of legislation. We provide telecom technology consulting to all the leading organizations in the sector across all the hot-button topics like privacy, copyrights, intellectual properties and cyber security. Our team includes experienced professionals with connections to policymakers agencies like the FTC, FCC and DOC as well as senior executives in the industry. With a dynamic political strategy, your organizations interests can become critical to the policies that will effect your business.

    Telecom technology services has diverse requirements. It is absolutely important to strengthen the field service expertise to ensure customer delight and maintain higher service efficiency.

    With LFA Holdings, you can expect greatness. Contact us to start crafting a strategy to fit your needs.

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