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    International Strategy

    LFA comprehends the crucial elements influencing global, commercial, and political decisions. Navigating the intricacies of political, cultural, security, historical, and economic landscapes becomes attainable with a strategic consultant of our caliber. Our international services harness our longstanding alliances with business and governmental entities to create adaptable strategies, enabling you to reach your goals seamlessly.

    Our strategic consulting services extend insights into other commerce divisions, such as global investment organizations, international trade institutions, and local and regional agencies. With a diverse background in public relations and connections with leading development organizations, including the World Bank and United Nations, our strategic consulting services are unparalleled in scope and efficacy.

    Defense and Security Consulting

    Within the ambit of LFA’s international defense consulting, we work in close coordination with national security policy professionals representing prominent defense corporations. Our unique level of access and expertise assists our clients in successfully navigating national defense issues, specifically through our associations with the Department of Defense and Congressional committees.

    Our accomplished team of professionals has extensive experience in collaborating with the U.S. government on the development and execution of federal foreign policy. Through these collaborative efforts, we have established a potent mix of strategic intelligence and objectives via our functional relationships within Washington and other regional authorities, business organizations, governmental entities, and NGOs.

    We leverage our proficiency and expertise in international defense as a strategic edge, enabling us to secure the results our clients require. This involves analyzing global defense trends, understanding evolving security issues, strategizing defense procurement, and advising on regulatory compliance and risk management, thereby ensuring your business is well-positioned in the global defense landscape.

    We use our skill and expertise in international defense as a competitive advantage to achieving the results our clients need.

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