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    LFA understands the criticals factors that shape of the decisions of international, commercial, and political spheres. Political, cultural, security, historical and economic complexities can easily be navigated with the help of a measured political advocate. Our international services put to use our long-established relationships with the businesses and government powerhouses to easily formulate an adaptable plan that can help you achieve your ends.

    Our political strategy services also include insight into other commerce divisions such as Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Export-Import Bank of the United States, along with other local and state level agencies. With a varied background in public relations and liaisons in the world’s leading development organizations, including the World Bank and the United Nations, our political consultation services are unmatched.


    As a part of LFA’s international defense consulting, we work closely with U.S. national security policy authorities by representing major national defense companies. We possess a superior level of access and skill in helping our clients succeed in the national defense matters specifically through our connection with the Department of Defense and Congressional committees.

    Our expert team of professionals are experienced in working with the U.S. government in developing and implementing U.S. federal foreign policy. Through our endeavors, we have acquired a powerful combination of strategic intelligence and objectives through our functional relationships within Washington, as well as other state authorities, business organizations, government bodies, and NGOs.

    We use our skill and expertise in international defense as a competitive advantage to achieving the results our clients need.

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