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    Energy vs Old Energy Sources – Maintaining the Balance

    Infrastructure is the powerhouse of the nation. The policies governing the industry can create or destroy millions of jobs across the USA and the globe. A new source of energy commerce that can satisfy legislators, regulatory agencies, and the environment are sorely needed. Maintaining the balance among these requirements is a new facet of a challenge for both businesses and private citizens. Trust LFA Holdings Inc to provide your organization with a political strategy that you can stick to.

    The Energy and Commerce Committee also is linked directly to the creation of a comprehensive regulatory apparatus to handle transportation, from railroads to shipping, trucking, and aviation.

    Play A Dynamic Role in Infrastructure and Energy

    LFA has been playing a vital role in all energy-related policy debates for around last 25 years and has closely worked with multidimensional issues of clients including energy efficiency, production, transmission, and utilization. We recognize the various problems of this sector and how imposing taxes can affect the energy markets. For years, we have developed and practiced a functional relationship with the policy makers and various organizations that impact this industry.

    Forge the results you need with LFA Holdings. Contact us to start devising a political strategy today.

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