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Interviews & Media Training

    Working With You To Perfect Your Message

    LFA knows how to art the best op-ed that will get divulged. We work mostly with the client to build high touch op-eds and to shoot op-ed campaigns, targeting key viewers you want to reach in Washington, the national media, regional and trade publications and across the world online.

    Op-Eds :

    Op-eds are articles that can be written in categories like commentary, feature articles and opinions. Authors are not necessarily officially affiliated with the newspaper and can be anyone right from state legislators to local business owners and interested local citizens.

    Here are a few tips to write best Op-Eds :

    • Your topic is of interest to most of the readers.
    • You have something interesting or unexpected to say.
    • Your piece will be relevant in a few weeks’ time (op-eds have a longer lead time before publishing).
    • You are willing to pitch your piece to the editors.

    Media Training :

    At LFA Holdings, we have expertise in media, presentation, public speaking and speech training as well as executive coaching to improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills for presentations and public speaking.

    Media training, one of the pillars of public relations, is the most important thing today. Media training combined with a social media perspective is integral and can make a difference between creating a positive public impression or truly a negative one.

    Interview Training:

    As an employer, you have been probably conducting too many interviews on a regular basis. But are these interviews effective? The truth is, there is always the scope of improving your interview skills. By going for interview training, you will be able to identify accurately the best candidates for open roles.

    The right interview training program will teach you to conduct behavioral interviews that are:

    • Accurate
    • Organized
    • Efficient
    • Consistent
    • Research-based
    • Legally Defensible

    LFA has a great team to deal with and our ultimate goal is to serve the client and be the part of their mission.

    Get started in the right direction.

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