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Digital Approaches

    Comprehensive Digital Media Services

    LFA Holdings offers a booming online and social media proceeding. From web development to day-to-day actions, we believe ourselves to convey countable results and altering our clients into active players online.

    The role of digital communications in public affairs is ever increasing, presenting opportunities for digitally sophisticated groups and challenges for late adopters. More legislators are embracing digital media to communicate in innovative ways. Important policy conversations are unfolding in real time on social media. And digital advertising has become a top medium for educating constituents about policy initiatives.

    Our team will analyze a client’s current web presence, including their website and social media activity. We will then craft and execute a full-scale social media strategy including cultivating social media relationships, engaging Members and staff, creating necessary supporting materials, and making necessary adjustments based on metrics.

    LFA Helps:

    • Maintaining next-generation websites and design.
    • Managing social media and providing content.
    • Craft online messages that reverberate with critical audiences.
    • Improve online arrangement through search engine optimization.
    • Conduct online application drives.
    • Provide acc analytics to demonstrate what our work has accomplished.
    • Advise clients on the advantages of earned versus sponsored online media.
    • Execute campaigns that result in Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and YouTube views.
    • Partner with a variety of advertising companies to create paid media campaigns.

    It’s undeniable that digital tools have had an incredible impact on influencing public policy and the government relations profession. From the nonprofit staff to lobbyists and everyone in between, the adoption of digital tools and strategies has proved valuable in shaping legislation.

    The LFA Holdings team has vast experience working with lobbyists, public and government relations teams, and legislative liaisons to support their efforts through digital and social media. We have mastered industry best practices to advance policy initiatives using digital media and online tools, and we’ve even developed some proprietary tools of our own to help lobby teams succeed.

    LFA will work with Opinion Leaders when its clients want high-bang digital advertising, digital media management, social media marketing, digital media analysis, digital marketing approaches, and online grassroots assistance, three of Opinion Leaders’ specialties.

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