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Catastrophe Communications

    Bringing Back Control After Crisis

    When arises hits, minutes matter. LFA works hand-and-soul with our clients to analytically appraise the latitude and then advice a fast-feedback strategy and useful tactics to bring back control of the client’s narrative.

    A Catastrophe modeling analyst uses analytical methods to understand the current and changing state of an organization’s catastrophe risk and communicates these findings to parties who manage that risk.

    LFA Helps:

    • To make sure that our client’s views are heard in traditional media, on television, and in social media, we work hard.
    • To take over a client’s social media existence to negate the rumor and falsity that droplets up during communications void.
    • With years of involvement on both sides of media crises, we suggest the client when not to employ with the media.

    Catastrophe modeling allows insurers and reinsurers, financial institutions, corporations, and public agencies to evaluate and manage catastrophe risk from perils ranging from earthquakes and hurricanes to terrorism and pandemics.

    Catastrophe modeling analyst is just one important component of a risk management strategy. Analysts use a blend of information to get the most complete picture possible so that insurance companies can determine how much loss they could sustain over a period of time, how to price products to balance market needs and potential costs, and how much risk they should transfer to reinsurance companies.

    Bet on the client’s choices,

    LFA can take a media-facing or abutment role during the catastrophe communications.

    Get started in the right direction.

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