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Advocacy Movement

    Working Hand in Hand For Your Benefit

    Advocacy can help your organization achieve its political goals. It all begins with a small group of people who share the same concerns about a specific problem and are willing to devote their time, expertise and resources available to reach the desired aim.

    We LFA Holdings Inc. have an advocacy movement strategy for

    • Short-term and sustained advocacy campaigns
    • Targeting key media members
    • Influencers across all crusade platform

    We start with state of the art media auditing and partitions that tell our clients where they stand in the media scenery and what are their vigor and vulnerability.

    Then we employ our resources to conduct the many things of a modern advocacy campaign from examining research to media outreach and intended online advertising for achieving the goal of advocacy action.

    LFA works directly with our clients to form a coherent system and selects relevant, high-brunt channels to deliver the message to the right viewers in the media, on Capitol Hill and back the residence.

    We frequently monitor our efforts to indicate evolution, doubling-down on our achievement and acknowledge to weaknesses. Most notably, senior-level LFA team members work hand-in-hand with our clients and their lobbyists. We are always with you.

    Personal advocacy or Advocacy is divided into the following three types of activities:

    Representation: To speak on their own or in others name in public

    Mobilization: Encouraging others to speak in public with you

    Empowerment: Letting others know that they have the right to speak in public and the right to be heard.

    LFA Holding has a great team to deal with and Our ultimate goal is to serve the client and be the part of their mission.

    Get started in the right direction.

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