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A Political Advocate For You

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We work for you!

Our grass-roots campaign relies on the contributions of passionate patriots like you.

“From Washington to State Capitals, LFA has excellent  partnership liaisons with various government organizations including the White House, the Executive Branch, and Congress.

Our  political advocate services rely on our relationships with policymakers across the world. We’re powered by strategic objectives and administrative expertise. Your most pressing endeavors are our mission.”

Dynamic Political Analysis

LFA Holdings is a bipartisan management consulting firm that offers development, implementation, and transformation of policies based off of political advisory and strategy theories. We offer the expertise to achieve the desired results in the face of any challenge.

Government Analysis

LFA offers insight within the inner culture of policy makers based off of our varied experience. Combined with our efforts to provide a personal touch to our work, we offer a rounded political strategy that is adaptable to your needs and outside variable.

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The Political Strategy You Need

LFA offers an integrated suite of management consulting, strategic communications, and business solutions that help meet your challenges in a dangerous, ever-shifting, and interconnected world. 

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The Advocates You Want

LFA has battle-tested experience in Republican and Democratic leadership at the national and state levels. With our experience in top-tier journalism and public relations combined with our contacts in major capitals around the world, we’re prepared to offer an unparalleled level of service.

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Ideas. Action. Results.

Whether you’re located in the U.S. or internationally based, you’ll need to know how decision in D.C. will affect you. LFA understands the architecture of Washington on a different level. We can give you the hard data, insight, and connections you need to meet your goals.